Sfi Studies at Merit

Welcome to work and employment focused sfi studies at Merit. Sfi at Merit is based on your previous work related experience as well as your plans for future employment in order for you to learn Swedish as quickly as possible! You will be able learn the kind of Swedish that you will need at your future workplace as well as day to day Swedish related to the topics of family, accommodation, school and personal finances etc.

Why should you choose Merit?

  • Your competency and your plans outline the focus of your studies with us.
  • Flexible timetabling that suits you. Choose from morning, afternoon, evening and study from home options.
  • We employ a multitude of language coaches in many different languages. Arabic, Dari, English, Kurdish, Persian, Pashto, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Spanish and Urdu among others.
  • We have employment coaches with contacts for specific lines of work that can give you the guidance you need in your field.
  • Merit is a smaller school with nice offices and classrooms and has inspiring and friendly teachers.
  • Modern teaching methods and a selection of including online platforms, activeboards, apps, computers and pads etc.
  • Extra pronunciation exercises.
  • The possibility to network and gain new contacts through excursions, language cafés, field trips and guest speakers etc.
  • Merit portfolio and cv writing.
  • Basic computer usage classes.
  • Access to free Wi-fi and to computers after class hours.

Sfi courses

  • Study routes 1: course A, B, C och D
  • Study routes 2: course B, C och D
  • Study routes 3: course C och D

Course admittance: Every week

Sign up for sfi at Merit


Sign up at  Växjölöftet vuxenutbildning and say that you would like to study at Merit.

Visiting address: Kungsgatan 9 i Växjö

You can also visit us or contact us directly at:
Storgatan 17 plan 3


Sara Belin

Sara Belin

Pedagogisk ledare arbetsinriktad sfi

0760 - 17 14 50

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